Spring Boot Starter Test


Spring Boot Starter Test The Spring Boot Starter Test dependency is a primary dependency for testing the Spring Boot Applications. It holds all the necessary elements required for the testing. In Spring Boot, there are lots of tests that can be performed over a Spring Boot application. To perform these tests we have to integrate … Read more

Spring Boot Starter Data JPA with H2 Database


Spring Boot Starter Data JPA Spring Boot Starter Data JPA is used to connect the Spring application with a relational database efficiently using a spring-boot-starter-data-jpa dependency, which internally uses a spring-boot-jpa dependency (since Spring Boot version 1.5.3). Before diving into this topic, let’s understand what is Spring Data JPA. What is Spring Data & Data … Read more

Spring Boot Starter Web: Bootstrap a Spring Boot Web Application


Spring Boot Starter Web The Spring Boot starters are one of the essential modules for bootstrapping a Spring Boot application with minimal configurations. The Spring Boot Starter Web is one of the Spring Boot Starters for developing the web-based Spring Boot applications. The Spring Boot Starters easily import the necessary configuration for the Spring Boot … Read more