Technology Trends: Technologies to learn in 2021

In this Blog, I am going to explain some technologies which are trending and worth to learn in 2021. Let’s discuss technology trends in 2021: Tags: Development Technologies Golang Python JavaScript Docker Kubernetes Travis CI Learning 1) Programming Languages The Internet is full of a wide variety of languages, from functional, procedural to object-oriented languages. … Read more

Spring Boot Actuator: Monitor Your Spring Boot Project

Spring Boot provides plenty of features to assist us in monitoring and managing our application. Spring Boot Actuator is a sub-project of the Spring Boot that helps us in monitoring and managing our Spring Boot application. It provides several features to monitor different modules of the project such as health, metrics, resources, etc. In Spring … Read more

How to Set Java Environment Variable in Windows?

Before setting the environment variable it is necessary to understand why we set the environment variable and why they are crucial for our system? Let’s understand How to set the Java environment variable in Windows? The Environment variables are global system variables that can be accessed by all the processes/users running on the system. They are useful to … Read more