Capabilities in Selenium Java

Capabilities in Selenium Java The desired capabilities in selenium Java testing is a class that is used to declare the some necessary basic requirements of the project, for example, declaring the combination of browsers, browser versions, operating systems, etc., to automate cross browser testing of a web application. The capabilities are useful for automating the … Read more

Real-time Chat Application Using Python Flask

In this tutorial, we will build a real-time chat application using a python microframework flask. I am going to name this application in this users will be able to register themselves and post their messages in a group where all other members of the group will be able to see them. Users can create … Read more

Technology Trends: Technologies to learn in 2023

In this Blog, I am going to explain some technologies which are trending and worth to learn in 2023. Let’s discuss technology trends in 2023: Tags: Development Technologies Golang Python JavaScript Docker Kubernetes Travis CI Learning 1) Programming Languages The Internet is full of a wide variety of languages, from functional, procedural to object-oriented languages. … Read more