STS IDE STS IDE (Spring Tool Suite) is an eclipse based IDE (Integrated development environment) for developing Spring applications. It provides massive support for the implement, run, deploy, debug the Spring applications. Further, it allows us to built large applications from scratch. STS IDE integration is available for other code editors such as VSCode, Theia … Read more

Spring Initializr

Spring Initializr: The Spring Boot Project Generator The Spring Initializr is a spring boot project generator. It is a web-based tool provided by the Pivotal Web Service. It allows us to generate the Spring boot project structure. Further, it facilitates with the extensible API for developing JVM-based projects. The Spring Initializr provides several options for … Read more

Spring Boot Versions

Spring Boot Versions

Spring Boot Versions: Spring Boot 2.4.0-M1 is available The latest release of the Spring Boot version is 2.4.0-m1. It introduces several new features along with some modifications and bug fixes. As of now (July 2020), the latest Spring Boot Version is 2.4.0. one of the team members ANDY WILKINSON has announced this news. He said: … Read more