Spring Boot Versions

Spring Boot Versions: Spring Boot 2.4.0-M1 is available

The latest release of the Spring Boot version is 2.4.0-m1. It introduces several new features along with some modifications and bug fixes.

As of now (July 2020), the latest Spring Boot Version is 2.4.0. one of the team members ANDY WILKINSON has announced this news. He said:

On behalf of the team and everyone that contributed, I am pleased to announce that the first milestone of Spring Boot 2.4 has been released and is available from our milestone repository. This release closes over 120 issues and pull requests.”

All Spring Boot Versions

Following is the list of all Spring Boot releases (from older to newer):

  • v2.2.6.RELEASE
  • v2.3.0.M4
  • v2.3.0.RC1
  • v2.1.14.RELEASE
  • v2.2.7.RELEASE
  • v2.3.0.RELEASE
  • v2.1.15.RELEASE
  • v2.2.8.RELEASE
  • v2.3.1.RELEASE
  • v2.4.0-M1 (Latest)

What’s new in Spring Boot 2.4.0-M1

Following are highlights of included features and supports:

  • Preliminary support for JDK 15
  • Spring Batch 4.3 M1
  • Spring Data 2020.0 M1
  • Spring Framework 5.3 M1
  • Spring Security 5.4 M1
  • Filtered metric scraping with Prometheus
  • Numerous other dependency upgrades

New Features of Spring Boot 2.4.0

Following features are added in Spring Boot 2.4.0:

  • Added StatsD transport protocol configuration
  • Upgrade to Flyway 6.5 and provides support for new create schemas property
  • Disable LogbackLoggingSystem’s XML support when spring.xml.ignore is true
  • Disable XML bean definition loading when spring.xml.ignore is true
  • LoggingApplicationListener: Trim trailing whitespace from value of logging.config
  • Remove plugin management for Flatten Maven Plugin
  • Add run-image option for image building
  • Support user info in Elasticsearch URIs
  • Optimize SystemEnvironmentPropertyMapper
  • Add Java 15 to JavaVersion enum
  • Provide better diagnostics when building an OCI image fails due to a 500 response from Docker
  • Provide dependency management for Oracle?s JDBC driver under new com.oracle.database Maven coordinates
  • Spring Cloud’s CachedRandomPropertySource is not adapted correctly
  • Remove JUnit 4 from spring-boot-starter-test
  • Provide better error message if Docker is not running
  • Print the java version being used on startup
  • Support filtered scrape for Prometheus
  • Support for webAdminPassword property of H2 Console
  • RedisReactiveHealthIndicator should provide cluster details in cluster mode
  • Add Cassandra health indicator that uses CqlSession

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