Spring Boot Examples in STS (Spring Tool Suite)

Spring Boot Project in STS ( Spring Tool Suite) The STS (Spring Tool Suite) IDE is an eclipse-based IDE for developing the Spring Boot applications. It is the preferred IDE for importing and developing the Spring Boot Project. We can create or import Spring Boot projects in STS IDE. Let’s see some Spring Boot examples … Read more

Create a Spring Boot Project in Eclipse

How to Create a Spring Boot Project Using Eclipse The Spring Boot project can be created in multiple ways; in this tutorial, we will see the easiest way to create a Spring Boot project using Spring Intializr in eclipse: Below are the steps for creating a basic Spring Boot projects: Open Spring initializr by navigating … Read more

Spring Boot Project Structure

Spring Boot Project Structure By default, The Spring Boot Project structure looks as follows: It is a default directory created by Spring Boot using the Spring Initializr. We have not included any file or data in it. It contains the following file data: SpringBootDemoApplication.java: pom.xml: application.properties file is empty. SpringBootDemoApplicationTests.java: JRE System Library JRE System … Read more