Spring Boot Vs Django

Spring Boot Vs Django: Difference Between Spring Boot & Django

Spring Boot and Django both are popular frameworks for server-side programming. Spring boot is trendy among Java developers and Django is trendy among Python developers.

In this article of learning the Spring Boot series, we will see a comparative overview of Spring Boot Vs Django. Further, we will see which one you should choose for your project and to learn.

Spring Boot Vs Django
Spring Boot Vs Django

Before diving into the topic, let’s have a quick overview of both technologies:

Spring Boot

Spring Boot is a popular Java framework for developing enterprise applications. It is an opinionated starter pack for web-based applications. Opinionated means it assumes what we need & why we need before we run the project.

Spring Boot provides an easy way to start a project with the help of autoconfiguration. We do not need to write the boilerplate configuration codes for the project. Besides the auto configurations, it also provides embedded servers and other core software patterns such as stereotype, application context, IoC, bean management, and DI.

The beauty of Spring Boot frameworks is that it provides separation of concerns with dependencies & abstraction and integration of abstractions.


Django is a Python framework for developing web-based applications. It offers a standard method for rapid web development. It assists us in developing fast and effective web applications.

With the help of the built-in library and methods; it makes the development process smoother. The Django is a high-level web framework. The main motive of using the Django framework is to develop a complex database-driven website easily.

Let’s discuss features of both technologies. we have included the following sub topics:

Features of Spring Boot

Features of Django

Advantages of using Spring Boot

Advantages of using Django

Disadvantages of using Spring Boot

Disadvantages of using Django

Tabular Comparison


Features of Spring Boot

Below are some extensive features of Spring Boot:

Spring Boot Vs Django features comparison
  • It provides Auto-configuration feature to set up the application environment
  • It is a standalone framework means you don’t need an additional web server or environment to deploy your application.
  • Spring Boot project is opinionated which means it choose the required things for itself.
  • It provides rapid web development.
  • It provides embedded servers to run the applications.
  • The Spring Boot Starter module is very useful for starting and running applications quickly.
  • It provides SpringApplication class which is used to bootstrap a Spring application.
  • It provides events which is used to deal with multiple tasks.
  • It provides admin support which is used for managing and monitoring Spring Boot applications. Each application is treated as a client and registers to the admin server. It is enabled by using spring.application.admin.enabled property.
  • It provides an externalized configuration (YAML file) to work with the same application in different environments.
  • It provides a strong type-safe configuration to control and validate the configuration of the application.
  • It uses a common logging for all internal logging.
  • It provides security for the applications

Features of Django

Below are some extensive features of Django:

Spring Boot Vs Django feature comparison
  • It has excellent documentation.
  • It is a Python framework
  • It is SEO optimized
  • It is Highly Scalable
  • It provides high security
  • it is thoroughly tested
  • It provides a rapid development environment

Advantages of Using Spring Boot

The following are some major advantages of using the Spring Boot framework:


The Spring Boot projects can be initiated using Java or Groovy.


Spring Boot saves developer’s time & effort using some of its extensive features such as auto-configuration, YAML.

Reduces Line of Codes

Spring Boot avoids to write lots of boilerplate codes, annotation, and XML configuration.

Easy Integration

The Spring Boot project can be easily integrated with the Spring ecosystem such as JDBC, ORM, Spring security, etc.

Opinionated Default Configurations

It provides an opinionated approach to reduce the developer’s effort.

Embedded Servers

it provides embedded HTTP servers for web applications.

CLI (Command Line Interface)

It provides a command-line interface for developing and testing the applications from the command prompt.

Plugin Support

Spring Boot supports various external plug-ins for developing and testing web applications.

Advantages of Using Django

Below are some key advantages of using the Django framework:

Python Framework

Django is developed as the Python framework. As we have discussed earlier Python is an easy to learn language for the newbies. So it is good to learn Django for a beginner.

Core solutions for some Major fields

Django provides core solutions for some major fields and tech giants such as the Internet of Things, NASA, Google, and more.


For the Django framework, there are many tutorials and communities are available on the web. It also provides a quick start guide.

Administration Interface

One of Django’s major advantages is that it provides an administration interface. We can get a fully-featured admin interface by just writing a few lines of code. Below code is executed to create an admin interface:

class MyInterface(models.Model):

interface_title = models.CharField(max_length=50)

some_other_text = models.CharField(max_length=100)

some_boolean_value = models.BooleanField()



Django is highly scalable. It can easily handle millions of traffic on the mobile application and web.


The Django is highly customizable, as it provides an architectural layout for a project.

Built-in Template System

One of the major advantages of using the Django framework is that it provides a built-in template to build applications.


The applications developed using the Django framework are secure. It protects against XSS and CSRF attacks, SQL injections, clickjacking, and more.

Disadvantages of Using Spring Boot

There is not any major disadvantages of using the Spring Boot, but, following issues can be faced while using the Spring Boot framework:

  • It may increase the deployment binary size with unused dependencies.
  • It does not allow you to control everything, so, if you want to complete control of your project, then you may face difficulty.
  • Spring Boot is a good fit with microservices; its artifacts can be easily deployed into Docker containers.

Disadvantages of Using Django

Below are some Disadvantages of using the Django:

  • Django uses regex to specify the URL routing patterns that may make your code larger and can create complicated syntaxes.
  • Django moves far too slowly while maintaining backward compatibility.
  • Django has too much software for minor projects.
  • In Django, the template errors fail silently by default.
  • Django can handle a single request at a time.

Head Comparisons between Spring Boot and Django

Consider the below table for head to head comparisons between Spring Boot Django:

Spring BootDjango
It is also an open-source frameworkIt is open-source
Spring Boot is Free to useDjango is also free to use
Spring Boot is a Java Framework.Django is a python framework.
Spring Is a Java-based framework so you may face difficulty while learning it.Compared to spring Boot, Django is easy to learn and popular.
Spring Boot provides rapid web development for developing Java-based enterprise applications.It also provides Rapid web development
Spring Boot is easy to set up and start a project.It is less easy to set up than Spring Boot.
In Spring Boot, there is no concept of full-text search.It provides Full-text search
Spring Boot is more secure than DjangoIt is less secure than Spring Boot
It can handle multiple requests at a timeIt can handle only one request at a time.


Both Spring Boot and Django is trendy framework among developers. Both framework almost provides similar features. So, if you are good in Java then the Spring Boot is recommended for your project and if you are good in Python then Django is recommended. If you switch your technology then it may be hard for you to adopt a new technology and will take more time.

If you are starting from scratch to learn technology. Nowadays, both Python and Java are good to learn. But Java is more stable and secure than python. Java is more scalable than Python.

For the multi-tasking project, Spring Boot should be preferred over Django, as it can handle multiple requests at a time.

Here, we have discussed Spring Boot Vs Django.

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