Telecom Full Forms: Full form of 4G, 5G, GSM, WIFI

Most of the technologies, which are used in Telecom industry are known by their short name. here, we will discuss the full form of these names. for example, the latest trending telecom 5th generation telecom technology is known as 5G. Let’s discuss the telecom full forms:

A list of telecom full forms is as follows:

also, see complete list of full forms.

Sr. No.Short NameStands forFull Form
11GStands forFirst Generation
22GStands forSecond Generation
33GStands forThird Generation
43GPPStands for3rd Generation Partnership Project
53GPP2Stands for3rd Generation Partnership Project
64GStands forFourth Generation
7AAAStands forAuthentication Authorization, Account
8ACCStands forAnalog Control Channel
9AMPSStands forAdvanced Mobile Phone Service
10APNStands forAccess Point Name.
11AUCStands forAuthentication Center
12BCStands forBilling Center
13BCHStands forBroadcast Channel
14BERStands forBit Error Rate
15BSStands forBase Station
16BSCStands forBachelor of Science, Base Station Controller
17BTSStands forBase Transceiver Station
18CBRStands forConstant Bit Rate
19CDGStands forCDMA Development Group
20CDMAStands forCode Division Multiple Access
21CDMA2000Stands forCode Division Multiple Access…
22CDRStands forCall Detail Record
23CNStands forCore Network
24D/RStands forDistance to Reuse Ratio
25DAMPSStands forDigital Advance Mobile Phone Service
26DCCStands forDigital Color Code
27DTAStands forData Transfer Adapter
28DTCStands forDigital Traffic Channel
29EDGEStands forEnhanced Data for Global Evolution
30EDIStands forElectronic Data Interchange
31EIRStands forEquipment Identity Register
32ESMRStands forEnhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
33ETACSStands forExtended TACS
34ETDMAStands forExtended Time Division Multiple Access
35FDDStands forFrequency Division Duplex
36FDMStands forFrequency Division Multiplexing
37FDMAStands forFrequency Division Multiple Access
38FMStands forFrequency Modulation
39FSKStands forFrequency Shift Keying
40FTMDStands forFull Track Music Download
41GGSNStands forGateway GPRS Support Node
42GMSKStands forGaussian Minimum Shift Keying
43GPRSStands forGeneral Packet Radio Service
44GPSStands forGlobal Positioning System
45GSMStands forGlobal System for Mobile communication
46GSNStands forGPRS Support Node
47HLRStands forHome Location Register
48HTTPStands forHyper Text Transfer Protocol.
49ICStands forInterchange Carrier
50ISDStands forInternational Subscriber Dialing
51ITCStands forIndian Tobacco Company, International Trade Center, Independent Telephone Company
52PCOStands forPublic Call Office
53PCSStands forProvincial Civil Service & Personal Communication Service
54SMSCStands forGateway Mobile Switching Center
55WIFIStands forWireless Fidelity

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