General Full Forms

We are living in a modern and fast world where people prefer to take short names instead of full names. This is a fashionable way on social media platforms or talking in general. In this section we will discuss the general full forms list.

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A list of most used general full forms are as follows: formStands forFull Form
1APJ Abdul KalamStands forAvul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam
2ASAPStands forAs Soon As Possible
3CFLStands forCompact fluorescent lamp
4COOStands forChief Operating Officer
5DSLRStands forDigital single-lens reflex
6DSPStands forDeputy Superintendent of Police
7F.O.RStands forFreight on Road
8IPLStands forIndian Premier League
9NCRStands forNational Capital Region
10PSStands forPostscript
11PVCStands forPoly Vinyl Chloride
12RDXStands forResearch Department Explosive / Royal Demolition Explosive
13RPMStands forRevolutions Per Minute
14RSVPStands forRepondez s’il vous plait
15SDMStands forSub Divisional Magistrate
16SHOStands forStation House Officer
17SITStands forSpecial Investigation Team
18SSBStands forService Selection Board
19SEOStands forSearch Engine Optimization
20SIPStands forSystematic Investment Plan
21SMOStands forSocial Media Optimization
22SMSStands forShort Message Service
23SSBStands forService Selection Board
24TINStands forTaxpayer Identification Number
25UIDAIStands forUnique Identification Authority of India
26UPIStands forUnified Payment Interface
27UPSStands forUninterruptible Power Supply
28UPSCStands forUnion Public Service Commission
29URLStands forUniform Resource Locator
30USBStands forUniversal Serial Bus
31USSDStands forUnstructured Supplementary Service Data
32VATStands forValue Added Tax
33VIRUSStands forVital Information Resources Under Seize
34VISAStands forcharta visa, lit in Latin
35VLCStands forVideoLAN Client
36WIFIStands forWireless Fidelity
37WWWStands forWorld Wide Web
38XMLStands foreXtensible Markup Language
39XMPPStands forExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
40YAHOOStands forYet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle / Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle

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