Educational Full Forms

In this modern and fast world people usually take an abbreviated form rather than taking the full name of any educational organization or degree. In this section we will cover the most frequently used educational Full forms.

A list of educational full forms are as follows:

Also, see complete list of full forms.

Sr. No.Short NameStands forFull Form
1AICTEStands forAll India Council for Technical Education
2AMIEStands forAssociate Member of the Institution of Engineers
3B.ComStands forBachelor of Commerce
4B.EdStands forBachelor of Education
5B.TechStands forBachelor of Technology
6BAStands forBachelor of Arts
7BBAStands forBachelor of Business Administration
8BCAStands forBachelor of Computer Applications
9BEStands forBachelor of Engineering
10BHMSStands forBachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
11BSCStands forBachelor of Science & Base Station Controller
12CGPAStands forCumulative Grade Point Average
13CPTStands forCommon Proficiency Test
14CSStands forCompany Secretary
15CSEStands forComputer Science and Engineering
16CVStands forCurriculum Vitae
17DPStands forDisplay Picture, Data Processing
18GPAStands forGrade Point Average
19HSCStands forHigher Secondary Certificate & Higher Secondary School Certificate
20IASStands forIndian Administrative Service
21ICSEStands forIndian Certificate of Secondary Education
22ISCStands forIndian School Certificate
23LLBStands forLegum Baccalaureus in Latin (commonly known as Bachelor of Laws)
24LLMStands forLegum Magister (Latin) & Master of Law
25MBAStands forMaster of Business Administration
26MCAStands forMaster of Computer Application
27MDStands forDoctor of Medicine
28MSStands forMaster of Science, Master of Surgery & MicroSoft
29MSCStands forMobile Switching Center & Master of Science
30MTStands forMedical Lab Technician
31NDAStands forNational Defence Academy, National Democratic Alliance
32NIITStands forNational Institute of Information Technology
33PCSStands forProvincial Civil Service
34PGDCAStands forPost Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
35PGDMStands forPost Graduate Diploma in Management
36PHDStands forDoctor of Philosophy
37PSCStands forProvincial Civil Service
38PUCStands forPollution Under Control, Pre University Course & Personal Unlock Code
39SSCStands forSecondary School Certificate, Staff Selection Commission
40SSLCStands forSecondary School Leaving Certificate
41TGTStands forTrained Graduate Teacher