Top 10 Chatting Abbreviations

Nowadays, the popularity of online chatting abbreviations is on the peak. People have a busy life; they usually prefer texts over calls. As we can see around us, a new abbreviation language has taken place on the internet over any other language. Sometimes it becomes difficult to get the things in short forms.

The abbreviations have taken place on all the major social platforms such as twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instant messaging, Instagram. Also these abbreviations are most widely used in the meme world.

In this section, i am going to list the top 10 chatting abbreviations.

Top 10 Chatting Abbreviations

Top 10 chatting abbreviations are as follows:

ROFL Meaning in Chatting

ROFL stands for “Rolling on floor laughing”.

STFU Meaning in Chatting

STFU stands for “Shut the *freak* up”.

LMK Meaning in Chatting

LMK stands for “Let me know”.

TTYL Meaning in Chatting

TTYL stands for “Talk to you later”.

ILY Meaning in Chatting

ILY stands for “I love you”.

YOLO Meaning in Chatting

YOLO stands for “You only live once”.

SMH Meaning in Chatting

SMH stands for “Shaking my head”.

LMFAO Meaning in Chatting

LMFAO stands for “Laughing my freaking *a* off”.

NVM Meaning in Chatting

NVM stands for “Never mind”.

IKR Meaning in Chatting

IKR stands for “I know, right”.

IDK Meaning in Chatting

IDK Stands for “I don’t know”.

OFC Meaning in Chatting

OFC stands for “Of course”.

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