Automobile Full Forms

We are living in a modern and fast world where people prefer to take short names instead of full names of automobile industries. This is a fashionable way on social media platforms or talking in general. In this section we will discuss the automobile full forms list.

A list of automobile full forms are as following:

Also, see a complete list of full form.

Sr. No.Short FormStands forFull Form
12WDStands forTwo Wheel Drive(TWD)
24WDStands forFour Wheel Drive(FWD)
3A/C Stands for Air Conditioning
4A/F Stands for Air Fuel Ratio
5AAT Stands for Ambient Air Temperature
6ABSStands forAntilock Braking System
7ACC Stands for Automatic Climate Control or Adaptive Cruise Control
8ACM Stands for Airbag Control Module
9ARAIStands forAutomotive Research Association of India
10ASG Stands for Automatic Shift Gearbox
11AWD Stands for All Wheel Drive
12BHPStands forBrake Horse Power
13BMEPStands forBrake Mean Effective Pressure
14BSFCStands forBrake Specific Fuel Consumption
15C.I ENGINEStands forCompression Ignition Engine
16CCStands forCubic Capacity
17CCVTIStands forControlled Combustion Variable Timing Ignition
18CDIStands forCapacitor Discharge Ignition
19CNGStands forCompressed Natural Gas
20CRDe Stands for Common Rail Diesel Engine
21CRDIStands forCommon Rail Direct Injection
22CVTStands forContinuous Variable Transmission
23CVTIStands forCharged motion Variable Time Ignition
24DDISStands forDirect Diesel Injection System
25DFIStands forDigital Fuel Injection
26DGS Stands for Direct Shift Gearbox
27DI ENGINEStands forDirect Injection Engine
28DICORStands forDirect Injection Common Rail
29DOHCStands forDouble Overhead Camshaft
30DTS-FIStands forDigital Twin Spark Fuel Injection
31DTS-iStands forDigital Twin Spark Ignition
32DTS-SiStands forDigital Twin Spark Swirl Induction
33EBDStands forElectronic Brakeforce Distribution
34EC ENGINEStands forExternal Combustion Engine
35EGRStands forExhaust Gas Recirculation
36ESCStands forElectronic Stability Control
37EVRVStands forElectronic Vacuum Regulator Valve
38FGTStands forFixed Geometry Turbocharger
39FHPStands forFrictional Horse Power
40FWDStands forFront Wheel Drive
41GDIStands forGasoline Direct Injection
42GVWStands forGross Vehicle Weight
43HCVStands forHeavy Commercial Vehicle
44HPStands forHorse Power
45HVACStands forHeating ventilating and Air Conditioning
46I.C. Engine Stands for Internal Combustion Engine
47IHPStands forIndicated Horse Power
48IMEPStands forIndicated Mean Effective Pressure
49ISFCStands forIndicated Specific Fuel Consumption
50JCBStands forJoseph Cyril Bamford
51KPHStands forKilometer Per Hour
52KPLStands forKilometer Per Liter
53LCVStands forLight Commercial Vehicle
54LSPVStands forLoad Sensing Proportioning valve)
55MPFIStands forMulti Point Fuel Injection
56MRFStands forMadras Rubber Factory
57MUVStands forMulti Utility vehicle
58OBDStands forOn Board Diagnose
59OHVStands forOver Head Valve
60RTOStands forRegional Transport Office
61RTR Stands for Racing Throttle Response
62RWDStands forRear Wheel Drive
63S.I. Engine Stands for Spark Ignition Engine
64SAEStands forSociety of Automotive Engineers
65SFCStands forSpecific Fuel Consumption
66SOHCStands forSingle Over Head Camshaft
67SRSStands forSupplemental Restraint System
68SUVStands forSport Utility Vehicle
69TC Stands for Traction Control
70TDCIStands forTurbo Diesel Common Rail Injection
71TDIStands forTurbocharged Direct Injection
72TSI Stands for Turbocharged Stratified Injection
73TVSStands forThirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram
74VDBStands forVentilated Disc Brake
75VGTStands forVariable Geometry Turbocharger
76VNTStands forVariable Nozzle Turbine
77VTVTStands forVariable Timing Valve Train
78VVT/VTEC Stands for Variable Valve Timing
79VVTIStands for Variable Valve Timing with intelligence
80WGTStands forWaste Gas Turbocharger

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