Spring Boot Project Structure

Spring Boot Project Structure By default, The Spring Boot Project structure looks as follows: It is a default directory created by Spring Boot using the Spring Initializr. We have not included any file or data in it. It contains the following file data: SpringBootDemoApplication.java: pom.xml: application.properties file is empty. SpringBootDemoApplicationTests.java: JRE System Library JRE System … Read more

Spring Boot Vs Micronaut

Spring Boot Vs Micronaut: Difference Between Spring and Micronaut Spring Boot and Micronaut both are the frameworks for building microservices on the JVM. Spring Boot is the most popular and opinionated framework for developing Java enterprise applications. Comparatively, the Micronaut is quickly gaining popularity framework specially designed for building serverless functions or low memory-footprint microservices. … Read more

Spring Boot Vs Quarkus

Spring Boot VS Quarkus: Difference between Spring Boot and Quarkus Spring Boot and Quarkus both are very important microservices. Spring Boot is an open-source project developed and managed by the Pivotal team. And, the Quarkus is also an open-source product developed by Red Hat engineers and managed by Red Hat. In this article of learning … Read more