Spring Boot Dependencies

Spring Boot Dependencies & Dependency Management The Spring Boot automatically configures all the necessary Spring Boot dependencies by itself. Each release of Spring Boot provides a list of supported dependencies; it is available as a part of the Bills of Materials that can be used with Maven. So, we are required to specify the dependency’s … Read more

Spring Boot Annotations: Top 30+ most Used Spring Annotations

Spring Boot Annotations Spring Boot Annotations are types of metadata that provides data about a program. The annotations in Spring Boot are not a part of the program itself and do not have any direct effect on the annotated code’s operation. Spring Boot Annotations do not use XML configuration, instead, they use the convention over … Read more

Spring Boot CLI: Command Line Interface with Commands

Spring Boot CLI (Command Line Interface) The Spring Boot CLI tool is used to quickly develop the Spring Applications from the command line. It allows us to run the Groovy Scripts, which is useful for writing the Java-like syntax without so much boilerplate code. Using Spring Boot CLI (Command Line Interface), we can easily bootstrap … Read more